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FMA: No Longer the Girl Who Waits
Winry never did keep a tidy workspace.  She always had odd screws, wires, pencils, sketches, motors littering her bench, yet she somehow always knew exactly where to find them.  Not that Ed had room to talk; he usually had to dig through notebooks, papers, and countless alchemic texts to find his bed at night.
But ever since she began her apprenticeship in Rush Valley, a different sort of clutter began piling up on Winry's desk.  An inventory chart half filled out with notes on what parts needed to be ordered.  An appointment book that was quickly becoming filled.  Ed tilted his head sideways at the loopy scrawl on one appointment block; it certainly wasn't Winry's handwriting.  Closer inspection revealed that it was actually a note left by Garfiel reminding her to take some time off (complete with a doodle of some flowers and hearts).  An open periodical detailing the latest research in neural theory with a prototyp
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Manga/Brotherhood Verse
Character Study of Winry Rockbell

You are four years old.
You love your mommy and daddy who work so hard to fix people.  You just wish they were around more.  You love your granny who tinkers away with machine parts that also fix people.  When you aren't paging through anatomy books to look at the pictures, you watch her work.  The things she makes help people walk, but they also make them hurt.  They look like they're in so much pain.  But eventually they smile.  You like it better when they smile.
So when your granny one day hands you a screwdriver and asks you to tighten a part for her, you can't help but giggle with glee.  You'd like to think you're helping her put those smiles on their faces.
You are six years old.
Your best friends in the whole wide world have lost their mommy.  You don't want them to be sad.  You want to help them, w
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Fandom obsessed individual that occasionally doodles or colors art.
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My last journal was from before Dragon*Con '11.  Dragon*Con '12 has already come and gone (I cosplayed as Merrill from DA2, pics may come later) and holy crap it's a year later.  I don't even know if anybody bothers to read this anymore but I might as well put up what I've been up to for the past year.

-Still no prosthetics residency.  Having failed that and running out of time before all schools start switching to a Masters program that I CANNOT afford, I enrolled in Orthotics school despite my distinct lack of preference for it.  I'm discovering it can be fun and the patient population is definitely more varied, it's just a TON of stuff to absorb and you have to practically be a doctor with all the pathology you need to know.  So yeah, trudging through online courses with that.

-My Evie visited again! She was here for a week and there were apple pies and Biowareness of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2 variety.  Fun tiemz.

-Drawn far less and writing a lot more.  But mostly about my own OCs and PCs (player characters, as in my characters in games for which I develop an extensive headcanon).  I've gotten a little bit more confident about my character writing so I've posted little blurbs here and there all over my tumblr but nothing worth writing home about.  Suffice it to say I love my babies: Rosslyn (elf mage in Origins), Jaida (Shepard in Mass Effect), Jocelyn (smuggler in SWTOR), and Alena (Hawke in DA2), and there are a handful of people that love them too so that's good enough for me.

-Have been assimilated into a LOT of fandoms thanks to exposure on Tumblr.  I've now played/watched: the Mass Effect trilogy, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the first one and a half seasons of Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, and am currently making my way through Angel.

-I've become a lot more thoughtful about gender and orientation.  So much so to the point where I realized that I'm not exactly as straight up heterosexual as I thought.  Labels are stupid and confining and the instant you assign yourself one, people dump stereotypes on you.  So I just say that I'm a self-identified woman that falls in love with people's souls, regardless of gender.

-In light of that, I now have a girlfriend.  It should feel odd to say that but it doesn't.  To me it's just the most natural thing in the world because I adore her and have for quite a while.  She lives in friggen Australia so we're attempting a long distance thing and we write stuff together about our dopey gooey characters that reflected more on ourselves than we realized.

So those are the big changes.  I don't want to say that I'm leaving deviantArt and that I'll never come back because never is such a big word.  But Tumblr is basically my stomping ground now because I have a family there and every single one of them is fantastic.



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